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Multiracial children holding hands below rainbow.


SPED Preschool

Meredith Shaffer 

Image of crayons, various colors.



Helping Hands/STEAM

Sophia Porras


Multracial children with arms around one another, clipart.

Transitional Kindergarten:

Emma Senf


Rhea Binene

Wendy Tam

Doris Yoon 


First grade: we are happy you are here!

First Grade

Jackson Devoto

Alysha Gillman

Pam Yee

Team Second Grade with arrow heart.






Second Grade

Alysha Gillman

Kathy Pratt

Christy Rauch

Third Grade Squad

Third Grade

Rick Harden

Adesola Quinteros Seligman 

Amy Wong

Third Grade Google Site Link


Fourth Grade in teal circle.







Fourth Grade

Lisa Frankel

Erin Kelley 

Welcome to fifth grade banner.

Fifth Grade

Shirley Heinrich

Daniella Martinez